Saturday June 15th 3pm-5pm

What is it that we bring to each moment?


In an exploration of movement meditation, we bring awareness to our heart space. We move into an understanding of our bones and how they relate to realms of consciousness, emotion, and ancestral lineage.


With intention and breathe we dance a series of movements in a guided heart meditation. Following, is an energy balance to support the universal energy flow to your heart, with restful time to integrate.


We close with a ritual of tea, and essential oils to support and enliven the vibrations of your heart space.


Cultivating the ability to be in our hearts, enables us to experience the truth of each moment as it truly is, promoting harmonious connection to self and the World beyond.


* Movements are gentle and self managed at your own pace, no experience necessary. Includes a take home mini support kit.


About: Meagan is dedicated to supporting people and communities achieve their highest level of wellness, with holistic practices, movement, meditation and energetic alignment.

Be In Your Heart- Movement Meditation Workshop


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