Support your fourth trimester and beyond. Prepare your mind, body, nervous system and spirit for you to become a master of your energy, your thoughts, your emotions, and embody the journey of being a parent as life unfolds, and live from an empowered place of peace, passion and purpose. 

Perhaps you experience an overwhelm of emotions from external triggers, or from unresolved experiences of birth and past relationships. 

It is a path I have walked intimately.


Becoming a mother, brought to life the unresolved trauma held in my nervous system and energy field, it activated the deep wounds and ancestral patterns ready to be healed.


The struggles and challenges in my past were actually the seeds planted for how I was meant to serve the World. 


It is through the unique synergy of Quantum Energy, Ayurveda, Tantra, Feminine Form Medicine and the lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology that I have been able to continue to  harmonise my mind and nervous system, and dissolve residual imbalances within mental, physical, emotional and spiritual elements of self. Importantly I have the capacity to hold and integrate those changes to continue to expand into harmonious ways of being in relationship whilst being in alignment with my own sense of peace and purpose.

Transformation involves letting go of the densities in your system that no longer serve you, to step into your divine mission of what you came here to do.  In this process you deepen your sense of self, harmonise your relationships, align to the frequency of your soul mission, and be supported in raising the next generation, uplifting humanity.

​We work together to identify the goals, and your own unique pathways of how to be in alignment via quantum energy techniques, education on the Ayurvedic practice of self-healing to support the embodiment of your transformation, nutritional education, meditation, body Yantra, psychospiritual approaches, wellness promoting herbal education, and goal-setting (sankalpa/dharma work).

 Postpartum Sessions are available as packages with options of working together for:

3x 1:1 sessions across 3 months,

6 x 1:1 sessions across 6 months

9 x 1:1 sessions across 9 months

In addition to the 1:1 sessions, packages include postpartum nutritional  recipes, vibrational essence, self care kit with aromatherapy, fortnightly soul activations and workbook.

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What clients have to say:

'Thank you Meagan for providing an opportunity to release the tension and stresses in life that are often left unattended too. The abdominal pain and TMJ tension I've been experiencing over the past years due to stress and my birth experience have now subsided. Your sessions allow me to release and move forward with my life, you are very gifted.' Mel