We have a baby boy!

Koa River was born last night at 10:11pm. Weighing a tiny 2.8kg and 48cm long. After 10hrs of labor my cervix was only dilated 4cm so I decided to have an epidural and waited another 4hrs for my cervix to dilate the full 10cm, and he was welcomed to this world very peacefully after 5 minutes of pushing.

Looking back, over the first few hours I could have moved around more, which would have helped me get into my birthing body. Once my birthing partner began to guide me through the breathing and hypnobirthing techniques this also helped me immensely.

I had moments during this time where I felt really passionate and connected to my birthing body and was prancing around like a lion, and this felt really powerful!

Having the epidural, kind of took this element of the passion and excitement away, the birth was very peaceful and easeful, and I could feel enough to be able to do the ‘push’ breathing down at the end and I did this quite effectively, the midwives commented that for a first time mum I did this really well.

Now that I know the feeling of labour, and the passion and connection to my body and how to do it, I can’t wait to do it all again!

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