• Meagan Otu


It is a bit of a buzz word really, though in saying that, I do believe it truly is integral to life as we know it.

’Self Care’ can though, become blurred into our social media culture of ‘you need this’ ‘buy this now’ in order to be happy and healthy.

Here is what it looks like to me, in a meaningful way:

Spending time in nature - we ARE nature. It is magical, enriching, with nourishing intelligence and peacefulness which supports us in mind body and soul.

In the same breath, self care is also about taking care of our nature. We receive so much life and love from our nature.. capitalistic ways over time have resulted in a human separateness to nature. Try eliminating all single use items, coffee cups and plastics.. everyday.

Saying no to something that is not aligned with your energy. It could mean no to an invitation that might sound great on some level, but on another level your body is signalling to you otherwise... it might just mean not now.

This might be a feeling, a thought, a gut or bone instinct, an emotion. If you feel unsure listen into your body, your intuition and feel what is right for you in your highest good at this point in time. With practice you get to know your signals.

Setting boundaries around difficult situations or people, without having to explain yourself. Protect your space, time and energy.

Choosing you. Whatever that means for you. Not in an ego self absorbed kind of way. Meaningful, and being heart centred. ‘I am kind to myself, I value myself, and I am worthy of my compassion and love’

This includes parenting- part of being a good parent means choosing yourself to be well, prioritising activities that keep you well. I see so many parents not choosing themselves.. your self love, happiness and health is priority.

Self care might mean being empowered with knowledge and tools for your own health and wellness, being able to be your own healer as a preventative when it comes to supporting your body naturally.

It could mean to be empowered and informed in all decision making in your birth process. To learn about, understand and trust your instinctive body and know how to help yourself when it comes to birthing, preparing for the moment that will change your life forever.. instead of your body being swept into the medical system.

Self care can be habitual activities with your time that become a preventative in your self care rather than using self care as an acute stress response. It might be nutrition, yoga, Kinesiology, Reiki, meditation, massage, holistic facials, journaling, dance, art, music, essential oils...

I offer my services, reflective of the transformational experiences as my own healing pathway has unfolded. I’m drawn to share these services with you, because I care. Not to fix you. I facilitate these modalities, hold the space, and the healing takes place by you, and within you.

I‘m off to a yoga class! Take care of you x


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