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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I released a rose into the river on New Years Day. A ceremony to symbolise all that has been, with much love and gratitude, and to welcome in the new year. As my heart emerges into the new year, I listen. It tells of a deep love and fulfillment that I receive through expression, and to make space for all forms. To express the essence of light into my physical reality.

Why the rose?

Well to be honest, I had never really felt much for roses in the past. When I examine why, perhaps it was my association with roses and cliche past experiences that all felt rather like ticking boxes, meaningless and inauthentic.

Then there came a time, when I awakened to a deeper awareness of myself. In healing sessions the energy of rose was collaborated with. I began to notice the rose in a different way. Now untainted by the past, I was able to see it as it truly is. In all of its perfection and wild beauty, containing the architecture of the universe, vibrating with its aroma at the frequency of love. I connect now with the rose, in a medicinal sense of wholeness and healing.

Coming to the end of a year of much fullness, I felt a slowing down, going into my body, my senses, my inner spirit, a state of just being. And it is from this place, my heart speaks. I felt the rose calling from there.

Feeling the wisdom of the nurturing trees as I breathe, the whispering leaves fall to the earth perfectly like messengers. To be in nature, it is soul soothing. I yearn for nature at this time, or is it the connection to myself that I feel in nature? After all we are nature ourselves.

The rose drops into the water with a tiny splash. It begins to turn slowly as it floats in the river. I sit for some minutes afterward, in a yogic squat just a couple of rocks back from the river's edge. My eyes are closed. The soft breeze flows over my face, among the trees, I am so sweetly relaxed. I feel the sunlight dance across my face, and it entices me to open my eyes just a little. I see glistening water, with rippling reflections of eucalyptus leaves. I notice something move, ever so slightly out the bottom corner of my eye. I open my eyes a little more, and see a flickering tongue, and a little head appear upon the rock.

At first I thought it was a lizard, until the snake slithered its whole body up out of the water. I watched as it elevated itself vertically in the air. It was a matrix moment. It felt as though the World around me had paused, and the volume had been turned down.. it was just me and the snake. The snake and I looked at each other, its long dark body hovering in the stillness and silence.. and then suddenly everything released.. Voom. The snake dropped back down, turned its head and swam away.

Auspicious, I thought, slightly awed by the experience. Reading up about snake energy, the snake is very much a primal life force, a sign of rebirth, as a snake sheds away its old skin. Shedding. It reminds me of the process of healing we go through, when we find ourselves seeking some sort of change or improvement to our current way of being. Our awareness or life circumstances bring us to a point of available change. Something feels uncomfortable, it shows up mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually and we want the discomfort to go away.

When I look back over moments of my own healing journey, everything that has been released or progressively worked on, at their core, were falsities or dysfunctional adaptations made to the truth of who I really am. An experience, trauma, something that was said... triggered stress responses, associations with pain or fear, abandonment, someone else's projected beliefs taken on as truths.

Clearing energetic blocks, karmic and ancestral patterns, conditioned beliefs, limiting perceptions, unexpressed emotions, and understanding our fears. Healing is a shedding. We have many ways of being. I believe healing is the acceptance of what is, and then choosing a way to be. We can sit in fear, hold on to familiarity, perhaps co dependencies, even if it means the life we lead becomes unfulfilling and in-congruent with our values and desires. Or we can choose to let go of what we previously thought was the way, courageously shedding what is no longer real to us. When we shed the distortions, shed our falsities, a path of love emerges. If we let go and trust, and take that path traveling into our hearts, we expand and evolve to the truth of who we really are. Embracing change, we can rebuild life around us that is congruent to our sovereignty, our self love.

Paul Coelho writes ‘The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to constantly be in a state of change: yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.’ (Warrior of Light)

The next morning, I came back to the same spot by the river. There was a white feather floating in the water, right where the snake had come up from.

Be in the moment of your heart...

Trust yourself.

You are light.

You are love.

You are whole.


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