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Emotions Held in Your Body: How to restore balance

Our body is an ever present embodiment available for us to tune in to and feel. Not only in our physical well-being, our body offers a deeper look into our emotional and spiritual psyche. When we view our physical symptoms as our body's way to signal something is unresolved, the triggered physical response brings us an opportunity to heal on an unconscious, emotional and spiritual level.

Eastern medicine philosophy teaches that our cells, organs, glands, tissues and body systems all have a prana, a life force of energy. Pathology of blocked prana can mean blocked blood and lymphatic flow in a physical sense, it can also be a block on a very subtle energetic level.

Emotions from our past experiences, early childhood, in-utero, or even past lives, can stagnate the energy flow within our organs, glands, chakras and body systems. These will have different manifestations for different body types and constitutions. Teachings of ancient Eastern systems of healing generally associate kidney energy with fear and anxiety, lung energy with unexpressed grief and inspiration for life, liver energy with anger, and sadness, large intestines with resentment and inability to let go of the past- to name a few.

These stored emotions may leave you feeling stuck or stagnant in life, holding on to patterns, past stories, having negative thoughts, or feeling powerless. They might manifest as fears, anxiety, pain, postural tension, digestive issues, relationship issues, your ability to think clearly and make decisions, and essentially restrict and limit the amount of peace, happiness and fulfillment you experience in life.

Finding a practitioner to help you identify and release emotions held within your body and energy system, can support your own natural body processes to restore flow harmony and balance. Your body has an innate wisdom, a knowledge of what it needs to heal and balance. Sometimes it just needs a little help getting into the optimal position to do so.

As an example, during the week I began to feel a little blocked in my throat and heart with tension and some mild butterfly sensations of anxiety in my heart. Upon exploring this further, my body was showing a stress response from this exact time of year in June, but back in 2013. Reflecting on June 2013 this was the time that my daughter who was then 12 months old, unexpectedly became unwell, and upon further tests found she had a heart condition that would later need operating on. All is fine now with her heart, and I hadn't been thinking about it, but my body had held a record of the event, and some unexpressed emotions had begun to trigger off a physical response, enabling the energy to now release and flow as I balanced my chakra system.


As a Kinesiologist I muscle test to communicate with your body and its stored memories, energetic imprints and patterns, and to unravel the unconscious aspects of your experiences. These unconscious aspects are often held emotions, stagnant within the energy of your organs, glands, chakras and body systems, belief systems formed from an early age, negative conditioning or programming, or unresolved trauma and stress patterns still running beyond the time of their initial origins. By bringing the unconscious to your conscious awareness, and asking what it is your body needs to heal from a range of energy techniques, movement patterns and essences within my practice, this enables the energy to move and release.

Dance Therapy

Dance movement therapy is the relational and therapeutic use of dance and movement to further the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and cultural* functioning of a person.

Dance movement therapy is based on the empirically-supported unity of body and mind. It recognizes that change and growth in one supports change and growth in the other.

Dance movement therapists combine the elements of dance, movement systems, creative processes, and psychological and scientific theories, to address the specific needs of groups and individuals. - Definition by the Dance Therapy Association of Australasia

My experience with Dance Movement Therapy is primarily with Mothers and babies, the first 12 months with your baby is an important one for healing and integrating emotions from your birth and supporting your wellness in Motherhood. I offer therapeutic dance as a private or group session. This is an embodied flow of creative play, dance, music, movement, meditation and relaxation together.

12 minute Emotional Release writing exercise

You may wish to incorporate this daily during times of a life transition or as a way of regularly releasing and eliminating on an emotional level. Set the timer, and for 12 minutes write out the issues affecting your emotional spiritual or physical harmony with pen and paper, uncensored, so your hand will take over, let it free flow, even if it doesn't make sense.

It's important not to speak negatively of yourself as such, more so write out what is a stress for you, the situations or people or feelings that you are having. No need to re-read it or edit it. Then it is recommended to burn the paper, in order to transform the energy for you to release and let go. (Please do this safely- I use a small piece of paper and do mine inside an old crockery teapot)

This can bring up some interesting observations and awareness of the deeper underlying issues, even in the actual process of burning the writing.

Essential Oils

I use essential oils to support the release and resolve of blocked emotions, because of their powerful energetic vibrations to support the natural healing processes of our physical body, our psyche, the emotional realm of heart healing, releasing limiting beliefs, and strengthening spiritual connection, The aroma goes into our olfactory, and into the limbic system. This is where we process emotions and our responses to situations, with studies showing essential oils have effects on our hormonal physiology and brain electrical pathways. Each essential oil has a vibrational frequency to assist with certain emotions. Cardamom, Helichrysum, Rose, Bergamot, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Neroli, Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Lemongrass are some of the oils I love to use.

Meditation, breathing and visualization

This is a wonderful practice to become aware of the feelings and sensations within your body, to be an observer of your thoughts, and to cleanse and restore mind body and spirit. The breathe is flow of prana, essential for healthy flow of energy within our spiritual emotional mental and physical wellness. I like to visualise white or nourishing golden light coming in through the crown chakra, filling my body and energy system, with the intention of healing light moving down through my body and out into the Earth. With each breathe, releasing, resolving and dissolving any negativity, lower vibrational frequencies, emotions- anything that is no longer serving, sending the energy down through the body and down deep into the Earth with love.

Sound Vibrations

To hold space for healing I use frequencies of music to support balance and harmonise body mind and spirit, you might like to try Solfeggio Frequencies 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear, 417 Hz- Undoing Situations and facilitating Change, 528 Hz- Transformation and Miracles (DNA repair), 639 Hz- Harmonising Relationships, 741 Hz Creativity/Intuition 852 Hz Returning to Oneness

Sound vibrations with voice are a powerful way to shift residual vibrations of held emotions and support healing. Chanting the Sanskrit mantra of Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung, known as Siri gaitri, is a powerful Kundalini healing mantra, attuning soul to divine love, connecting earth to ether. It's 8 syllables are said to stimulate the flow of prana within our central channel of the spine and chakra system.

Ra (Sun) Base Chakra

Ma (Moon) Sacral Chakra

Da (Earth) Navel Chakra

Sa (Impersonal Infinity) Heart & Throat Chakra

Say (totality of infinity) Third Eye Chakra

So (Identity and merger) Crown Chakra

Hung (The infinite) Sends energy from the crown back to the base chakra

I love to use Snatam Kaur's version of Ra Ma Da Sa:


If this article resonates and you would like to share your experiences please comment below. If you would like to explore your emotions or support your healing journey further with an appointment, you can email me enlivenedheart@gmail.com

Light & Blessings


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