Quantum Coaching 

Quantum coaching sessions are designed to support, empower and facilitate the embodiment of your highest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential, to live with purpose and energised vibrancy!

If you feel like there could be more available to you but there are blocks and limitations, it is time to align and embody your soul purpose gift, which is already there waiting for you in the quantum!

We are all made up of energy, I muscle test myself as a surrogate to your energetic field and the life energy force of your body. Then we work together to identify the priority concerns, goals, energetic techniques and your own unique pathways of embodied wellness. 

There may be deeper roots of the psyche, most of them subconscious, be it stored memories, emotions or nervous system patterns which might be limiting the full potential that is available to you. According to ancient eastern philosophy and in my own experience, simply using the will of intellect to remove yourself out of these patterns or limitations is not enough. Awareness and energy is key, but so is the reality of your body, and its holding and transformation of experience.

There are infinite realities available to you now. If you are ready to reclaim your inner knowing and be empowered to make lasting change, I am here to help. I weave quantum energetic techniques with Kinesiology, practices of traditional eastern wisdom and contemporary neuroscience.


Embody your authentic whole self, merge spiritual and worldly fulfilment, and live a life of more joy, purpose, abundance and ease!

As a certified Quantum Coach and Kinesiologist trained in Kinergetics Advanced Trauma, I also balance energy systems affecting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body relating to stress and birth trauma.


Session 60min 150

Appointments via zoom

Meagan: 0468 968 195


What clients have to say


'I could not believe just how much my body and life transformed in ways that I never thought imaginable in such a short amount of time. I had tried so many different body-based therapies so help heal my physical ailments which were linked to emotional therefore psychological issues, but none got to the core and created such profound shifts as Meagan did. My life and body has been transformed. I sleep better, I'm more embodied, I'm more mindful, I've let go of so so much which no longer served me and have re-patterned so much of my programming. Thank you so much Meagan, and my recommendation for this therapy could not be higher.' Rachel.


'Thank you Meagan for providing an opportunity to release the tension and stresses in life that are often left unattended too. The abdominal pain and TMJ tension I've been experiencing over the past years due to stress and my birth experience have now subsided. Your sessions allow me to release and move forward with my life, you are very gifted.' Mel


'Meagan was able to clear an energy block that was preventing the magnesium getting to where it needed to be- that was 3 weeks ago, and I have not had one spasm since! It was a great experience I would recommend to anyone with any imbalance of an emotional or physical nature. Since our follow up session, I feel revitalised and more grounded than ever'. Lee


'I have felt a lot more centered, less reactive & more what l would describe as "within myself". I have found myself not dwelling on issues as much & using my energy to get on with things in a more positive way. Thank you so much for my balance. It has been priceless. l will surely recommend you to others'. Margie.

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