Kinesiology & Energy Mastery

As a Kinesiologist, I balance energy to facilitate your innate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Kinesiology is a wonderful support for times of transition and maintaining your wellness with change and relationships. 

How Kinesiology works

Kinesiology is a system of natural health care combining the art form of muscle testing with principles of Eastern medicine and the Chinese meridian system. Kinesiology facilitates understanding of which aspects of your body are under energetic stress and which healing techniques are needed to improve vitality. It incorporates each persons own individual energy system, on the premise that our bodies have their own innate wisdom of natural healing processes.

Kinesiology via zoom

We are all made up of energy, and because of this Kinesiology sessions work via distance in the same way as it would in person. Via zoom I muscle test myself as a surrogate to your energetic field and the life energy force of your body, to address the priority concerns and your goals. The corrections can be done within my energetic body to work on your energetic body, however I talk you through and we both do the corrections together, in addition to talking through the session, and utilizing other energetic techniques, essential oils, flower essences and so on.

Even if we are unaware of it initially, we all hold some sort of stress or trauma, which can be on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cultural or social level. If left unchecked, these can manifest into physical symptoms or signals the body is communicating to you. Muscle testing helps to identify the source of stress, be it structural, mental, emotional, nutritional or chemical. As each muscle in the body is connected to the central nervous system, it acts as a biofeedback system. When the brain registers a stress, it interferes with a neurological circuit and the muscle test will respond, indicating an imbalance and then identifying what the body needs to correct and restore it's balance. Aside from muscle testing, at the heart of Kinesiology sessions is the uncovering, diffusing and releasing of stored emotions.

Restore Balance

As we transition in life, stressful experiences may shape or change our relationship to ourselves in order to cope. Disconnection may occur, with imbalances between mind, body, emotions and spirit, resulting in disharmony. Stress patterns may be retained, which can affect our immune function, digestive function, detoxification systems and balance of hormones. Some people may experience difficulties in concentrating, sleeping, irritability, anger, depression, anxiety, fears, confusion, fatigue, skin conditions, jaw tension, back pain, or just not quite feel themselves. This is your body communicating to you that something is ready for healing and transformation.

Your body has an innate ability to heal itself

Kinesiology assists by balancing the stored patterns associated with the early origins of stress, enabling the body to restore its own natural healing processes. Having regular Kinesiology helps to balance and maintain wellness, assisting you to move forwards with ease.


'When energy is balanced and flowing without blocks, the body is able to heal itself'


I have a special interest in supporting Women during their perinatal time, as well as specific issues of birth trauma. I use techniques to energetically balance organs, glands, muscles, meridians, chakras, body systems, TMJ, pain, trauma, and incorporate aromatherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. I work with modalities of Kinergetics Advanced Trauma, Integrated Healing, Reset, Reiki and Feminin form Ayurveda  to restore energetic balance and vitalise mind body and spirit.


TMJ Reset

Reset is a simple non invasive energy system of relaxing the muscles, nerves and ligaments of the jaw, enabling the Temporomandibular joint to reset.


Relaxing the jaw muscles is important for birthing Mum's as tension in the jaw is directly correlated to tension in the physiology of the birth path. 


By balancing tension in the jaw, this balances the body's hydration, structure, muscles, neurology, glands and organs, and relaxes tight neck and shoulder muscles. Reset is recommended for people experiencing headaches,  tension, pain, digestive issues, trouble sleeping, or anyone wanting to release tension in the body.

TMJ misalignment can be caused by emotional or mental stress, fatigue, shock, dental work, car accidents, or a knock to the head.

By relaxing the jaw muscles in a sequence of positions, this enables the Temporomandibular joint to reset. Balancing the TMJ has a flow on effect to all body systems, as over 80% of the electrical messages from the brain to the muscles and back to the brain are affected by the TMJ. Even a fractional imbalance of the jaw muscles may cause confused electrical messages to the other muscles. Reset is best recommended as a course of 4-6 sessions.

What clients have to say


I wanted to get help with my sleeping problems as well stop grinding my teeth, which I've been doing in my sleep for years. After 5 sessions of Kinesiology and RESET, I sleep deeper and longer and no longer wake up feeling tired. I used to have pain at the back of my jaw and wake up with bleeding gums from grinding. Now there is no more pain, and the bleeding has stopped, just occasionally now when I brush my teeth. George


After my first session of Kinesiology the pain in my foot reduced by 70%, and I could sleep through the night much more comfortably. After several sessions of RESET my jaw is fixed - the tension doesn't come back, and emotionally I feel much better. Chris


After just 4 sessions with Meagan and her therapy I could not believe just how much my body and life transformed in ways that I never thought imaginable in such a short amount of time. I had tried so many different body-based therapies so help heal my physical ailments which were linked to emotional therefore psychological issues, but none got to the core and created such profound shifts as Meagan did. My life and body has been transformed. I sleep better, I'm more embodied, I'm more mindful, I've let go of so so much which no longer served me and have re-patterned so much of my programming. Thank you so much Meagan, and my recommendation for this therapy could not be higher.' Rachel.


Thank you Meagan for providing an opportunity to release the tension and stresses in life that are often left unattended too. The abdominal pain and TMJ tension I've been experiencing over the past years due to stress and my birth experience have now subsided. Your sessions allow me to release and move forward with my life, you are very gifted. Mel


Before my first Kinesiology session with Meagan, I was experiencing chronic eye twitches for weeks. I increased my magnesium intake, but the spasms continued.

Meagan was able to clear an energy block that was preventing the magnesium getting to where it needed to be- that was 3 weeks ago, and I have not had one spasm since! It was a great experience I would recommend to anyone with any imbalance of an emotional or physical nature. Since our follow up session, I feel revitalised and more grounded than ever. Lee


Great news...some of the stuff you have done has made a massive difference. We did skin-prick tests at the Royal Children's Hospital and he has overcome 2 allergies!! Wheat once gave him hives and soy a bad rash and BOTH came up undetectable. I personally think it's a combination of good diet, mum's love and YOUR magic touch. The nurse couldn't believe wheat came up undetectable after only 6months and sent us back for a re-prick that still came back clear! Nat


I have felt a lot more centered, less reactive & more what l would describe as "within myself". I have found myself not dwelling on issues as much & using my energy to get on with things in a more positive way. Thank you so much for my balance. It has been priceless. l will surely recommend you to others. Margie.


Hi Meagan I just wanted to let you know I feel so energised from your balance today and back at my best emotionally which I haven't felt for ages, feeling super grateful. Thanks for your work today. Bel


Thank you Meagan, I am amazed at how I have responded with your treatment, I have felt happy and I'm still feeling calm with relief from an addiction. Alice

Sessions are currently via zoom and last between 60 and 75 min. Investment: 130


Meagan: 0468 968 195

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