Reconnect with your natural ability to birth, free from fear.

Preparing for your birth is a special time, and whilst general antenatal classes will give you knowledge of medical birth basics and what to expect within hospitals, as I experienced personally, they may not leave you feeling confident or relaxed in your mind and body about giving birth.


Giving birth inspired me to train as a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator, as I passionately believe all parents should have the opportunity to learn these amazing techniques and skills not only to support a relaxed pregnancy and positive birth experience, but to have these skills for life.


HypnoBirthing the Mongan method is a comprehensive antenatal program giving you and your birthing partner everything you need to prepare with confidence for a calmer pregnancy and more gentle birth experience. It is an evidence based program, and provides information for you to make informed choices about your birth.


HypnoBirthing can reduce or even eliminate pain associated with labour. Learn how your thoughts, emotions and perceptions influence hormonal physiology and the physical responses of your body. The 'hypnosis' of HypnoBirthing, is an important aspect to confidently address fears of birth, and stories and perceptions of pain in the subconscious, to change the way you view birthing. What we believe is what we experience.


Where does fear of childbirth come from and why? Having studied anthropology, I love this teaching this element, childbirth has a fascinating history. You will learn about fear and its origins in our program, and importantly experience a specialised fear release process designed by Marie Mongan.


The hypnosis techniques are practical, as you are able to activate them yourself during your birth, and importantly, through this course your birthing partner is practiced and prepared to support you to have your positive birth experience.


If you choose to add HypnoBirthing Classes to your pre-natal care and education, you will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles CAN work in perfect harmony, as they were designed to, without the fear tension pain syndrome – when you are sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth.


You will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates, and you will use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth.

This comprehensive course is delivered over 5 sessions, to best support the integration of the HypnoBirthing techniques and philosophy that will support your positive birth experience and life beyond.

5 week HypnoBirthing Courses 2020


 Group courses:

19th January- 16th February

2nd February- 2nd March

15th March- 6th April

Group classes are held in a relaxing intimate setting, for days and times please get in touch, book your place today!


The 5 week program also includes:


Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing book

Rainbow Relaxation MP3

Guided Relaxation & Hypnosis Scripts

Visualisations posters

Robozo and Massage techniques

A template to use for choosing your birth plan preferences

A complimentary 30min Postpartum Wellness session

Group Setting:

Mum and birthing partner $600

Private Setting:

Mum and birthing partner $1111


Venue: Prana House, 885 High St Thornbury

What Mums have to say:

'We can truly say the course has been absolutely eye opening for both of us, way beyond the part of birthing our little one, but we will treasure the learnings for the rest of our life. We are so grateful to have met you, you are such a special soul, have such a talent and special gift so keep being so awesome at what you do and sharing it with others.' Mylena and Ricky

'I delivered a baby boy yesterday. It was all normal and natural delivery. I laboured mostly at home and came to hospital just 2 hrs before birth. Hypnobirthing was amazing! Thanks Meagan

'A happy VBAC Mum'

I couldn’t highly recommend Meagan more she has such an amazing presence about her and has a genuine care for all of her clients. Meagan took me through HypnoBirthing with my first pregnancy and it was such an eye opening and amazing experience. It really helped me through my pregnancy and labour I used a lot of the techniques Meagan showed me and made the whole experience a lot less scary as I didn’t know what to expect with my first pregnancy. Thanks so much Meagan will definitely be coming to you with baby number 2!  Lisa

I hired Meagan as my Hypnobirthing instructor and I couldn’t be happier. Meagan brought a wealth of information with her and much much more. She is a caring, intelligent and very warm person, who went way beyond, in regards to providing excellent care and a relaxed and happy environment. She helped dispel the myths associated with birth, and instilled a sense of positiveness and calmness. I have never felt so relaxed than when we practiced hypnosis for birth. My birth experience was different to what I thought, and I can say that the preparation we did with Meagan made a huge difference in remaining calm and positive throughout the day. Thank you Meagan for going beyond just being an instructor, and being such a empowering influence. Thanks again. Patty

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