Postpartum Wellness

To support healing of mind body heart & spirit, I offer nurturing postpartum sessions. These may include a combination of Kinesiology,  massage, aromatherapy and cupping therapy. To deepen your healing process I share feminine form Ayurvedic wisdom to empower your self care practices and support your healing and wellness at home.


These sessions support you to reclaim and understand the powerful connection to your womb space, your instinctive body and inner knowing. Supporting you to move through life from an empowered place of peace, passion and purpose. 

Your body has an innate wisdom, a knowledge of what it needs to heal. Sometimes it just needs a little help getting into the optimal position to enliven your healing.

Initial 80min 120   Follow up 60 min 100  

Therapeutic Dance for Mum & Baby

1:1 Therapeutic dance sessions for Mums and babies. This is the relational use of dance, play, movement, relaxation and meditation, holding sacred space for Mother and baby wellness.


As humans our first dance begins in the womb space to grow and develop. I believe dance and movement innately supports the wellness of our mind, body, heart and spirit in our relationships and during times of transformation.

Therapeutic dance and movement is based on the empirically-supported unity of body and mind.  It recognizes that change and growth in one supports change and growth in the other to further the physical, emotional, cognitive, social functioning of a person.  

Meagan: 0468 968 195

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