Welcome to Enliven Birth Education, Coaching & Psychotherapy with Meagan Otu; Specialising in working with parents, babies and children to enliven, energise & inspire their journey

Life is always in a state of change. Being in harmonious flow with change, whilst being present in our heart, can bring us our greatest depth of wellness, happiness and fulfillment.  I am here to help you embrace your authentic self, to live a life of more simplicity, with purpose, passion, abundance and freedom.


Birth Education: I offer the original HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) a gentle method of birthing, designed to help you lose the fear and rediscover your natural birthing instinct. It enables you to understand, embrace and nourish your powerful connection to your body, prepares you and your birthing partner for birth and the postpartum time. 


It is so important for parents everywhere to have an informed and empowered positive birth experience, and for a Woman to have a healthy mind body & spirit in her life beyond after giving birth.


Energy Coaching:  In coaching sessions work together to prepare your mind, body, nervous system and spirit for you to become a master of your energy, and your thoughts and your emotions as your journey unfolds. Working with quantum energy supported by ancient Ayurvedic self-care practices, your capacity to transform and step into your place of inner wisdom, personal power and soul mission naturally deepens.

Reiki: Reiki is a deeply soul rejuvenating experience. A free flow of universal energy in the Usui Reiki tradition is a holistic way to receive healing, intended to be received and utilised within your body for the healing that is available to you in your highest good in that moment. 

Psychotherapy: I offer private psychotherapeutic counselling using dance movement therapy and the creative arts for parents and babies. I additionally work as a clinician in a child psychology practice using Dance Movement Therapy and Play Therapy to support anxiety, trauma and early intervention for ASD.

To make an appointment:

0468 968 195 or meagan@enlivenyourheart.com

* Due to current COVID Lockdown in Melbourne May/June 2021, in person appointments are currently on hold.

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which I work and create, and pay my respects to the Elders, past and present and emerging

Support the Rhodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund  aiming for ‘a better start in life’ and ‘Closing the Gap’ for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies. http://indigenousmidwives.org.au/

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