Energy Coaching  

We work together to raise your energetic vibrations, harmonise your mind, body, nervous system and spirit and activate your own healing power for you to become a master of your energy, your thoughts, your emotions.


Enliven, energise & inspire yourself to create a life you LOVE.

If you feel like there could be more available to you in life and you are ready to go beyond current limitations, it is time to align and embody your soul to the next level of harmony, abundance and freedom.

We work together to identify your own unique pathways of how to be in alignment with your soul purpose. Sessions include goal-setting (sankalpa/dharma work), energy, aura and chakra systems, belief systems, guided meditation, body Yantra*, psychospiritual approaches, wellness promoting herbal education and the divine feminine Ayurvedic practice of self-healing to support the embodiment of your transformation.

 According to ancient eastern philosophy and in my own experience, simply using the will of intellect to remove yourself out of these patterns or limitations is not enough. Awareness and energy is key, and so is the reality of your body and nervous system and its ability repattern for positive change.

*Body Yantra is meditation on the sacred geometry of our structure, our bones. Bone structures can be unknowingly in a state of collapse and compression, causing the nervous system to be in a perpetual stress response. Body Yantra guides a subtle embodiment into your bones, to help create flow and liberation within your body and nervous system patterns.

Perhaps something feels out of balance, old patterns are repeating, something is stagnant, you aren't experiencing a feeling of choice, freedom or as much abundance or joy in life as you would like. 

You might experience an overwhelm of emotions from external triggers and all of a sudden your thoughts and energy seem to spiral.

It is a path I have walked intimately.

Everything you seek is already within you.

The struggles and challenges in my past were actually the seeds planted for how I was meant to serve the World. 

It is through the unique combination of deep Quantum energy work, and Ayurvedic wellness that I have been able to harmonise my mind and body, regulate my nervouse system, continue to dissolve residual imbalances within mental, physical, emotional and spiritual elements of self as they come up, and to continue expanding into my highest place of soul purpose, passion and parenting.


I have the capacity to hold and integrate transformational changes to continue to expand into higher vibrations as the journey unfolds, all the while parenting and navigating the ups and downs of life.

Transformation involves letting go of the densities in your system that no longer serve you. In this process you deepen your sense of self, harmonise ways of being in relationship, respond with compassion from your heart space in the face of external adversity, and take aligned inspired action on your path to intentional happiness and success.

There are infinite realities available to you now. If you are ready to reclaim your inner knowing and be empowered to make lasting change, I am here to help you to embrace your authentic self to live a life or more simplicity, abundance and freedom, and to uplift  humanity with your transformational journey.

 Coaching Sessions are available as packages with options of working together for:

3x 1:1 sessions across 3 months,

6 x 1:1 sessions across 6 months

9 x 1:1 sessions across 9 months

In addition to the 1:1 sessions, packages include a vibrational essence self care kit, fortnightly soul activations and workbook. 

Email to enquire.

My Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching training is specified to Divine Feminine Ayurveda teachings which weave in varied backgrounds in functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience and more.I am qualified to guide individuals and groups through educational seminars on the principles and practices of the Ayurvedic way of life and self-healing.

My scope of practice emphasizes education on prevention of imbalances and the promotion of wellness on all levels of being, using the life-enhancing philosophy of Ayurveda, Tantra and Feminine Form Medicine. Approaches include designing preventive health routines according to Ayurvedic principles with nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, Body Yantra, psychospiritual approaches, health promoting herbal education, and goal-setting (sankalpa/dharma work).

Wellness Coaching does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, please consult a medical doctor for any health concerns. My work is to educate, empower and promote self care practices for wellness. 


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Usui Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing which can support a positive flow of energy providing the opportunity for healing. In a session you remain fully clothed laying on a treatment table, and as a trained Reiki Practitioner I facilitate the universal flow of energy by gently placing my hands over energy centres of your body.  

A free flow of universal energy is a holistic way to receive healing, intended to be received and utilised within your body for whatever healing is available for you in your highest good in that moment. You may experience sensations of relaxation, relief and a release in tension or stress, and feel refreshed and energised. 


Reiki does not cure disease or illess, it supports your mind body and spirit with an environment of universal energy unique to your very own personal healing journey.

Sessions take place in the beautifully serene setting of Sisu Botanicals Naturopathic Clinic in Fairfield 


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What clients have to say


'I could not believe just how much my body and life transformed in ways that I never thought imaginable in such a short amount of time. I had tried so many different body-based therapies to help heal my physical ailments which were linked to emotional therefore psychological issues, but none got to the core and created such profound shifts as Meagan did. My life and body has been transformed. I sleep better, I'm more embodied, I'm more mindful, I've let go of so so much which no longer served me and have re-patterned so much of my programming. Thank you so much Meagan, and my recommendation for this work could not be higher.' Rachel.


'I have felt a lot more centered, less reactive & more what l would describe as "within myself". I have found myself not dwelling on issues as much & using my energy to get on with things in a more positive way. Thank you so much it has been priceless. l will surely recommend you to others'. Margie.