It is time for you to reclaim your inner knowing, enliven your healing and live a life of less stress and more simplicity.


Your body has an innate wisdom, a knowledge of what it needs to heal. Sometimes it just needs a little help getting into the optimal position to do so. 


If you are an expecting parent, learn a gentle method of birthing, to help Women lose the fear and rediscover their natural birthing instinct. This enables a Woman to understand, embrace and nourish her powerful connection to her body. Ultimately, it is my dream for Women everywhere to have an informed and empowered positive birth experience, and a healthy mind body & spirit in her life beyond.

In the postpartum, its necessary to replenish your wellbeing. I offer wellness and meditation sessions individually tailored to what you need, facilitated by a culmination of  physical and energetic practices, integrating ancient eastern wisdom with contemporary neuroscience.


As a qualified dance movement therapist, I hold sacred space for an embodied experience, tailored with guided and therapeutic movements to support and harmonise mother and baby wellness.

Kinesiology sessions are a wonderful support to understand and facilitate your healing from a holistic perspective of balance within body, and the unconscious and conscious realms of being. This process of healing then supports you to accept positive change, remove limitations and move forwards with ease.

Life is always in a state of change. I believe it is how to be in harmonious flow with change, whilst being present in our heart, that can bring us our greatest depth of wellness, happiness and fulfillment.

All sessions are currently available via zoom. I love to work this way! Receive the same results all from the comfort of your home.

To make an appointment:

0468 968 195 or meagan@enlivenyourheart.com

Meagan x

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