Enliven means to energise, vitalise and infuse with spirit. I believe HypnoBirthing and wellness therapies help to support and heal our body, mind, heart and spirit as birth and life unfolds. I practice with this as my intention to facilitate your own unique healing process, and enliven your heart mind and body.

Our body has an innate wisdom, a knowledge of what it needs to heal and balance. Sometimes it just needs a little help getting into the optimal position to do so, and will signal with symptoms. It might be overwhelm, anxiety, depression, anger, pain, sleep problems, skin or digestive issues, to name a few.

Healing sessions are a wonderful support to understand and facilitate your healing from a holistic perspective of balance within body, and the unconscious and conscious realms of being. This process of healing then supports you to accept positive change, remove limitations and move forwards with ease.

HypnoBirthing classes are a comprehensive birth education, the Mongan Method, which is the original program, now being offered within hospitals. Group class sizes here in Northcote are small and intimate, and you can also work with me privately.


Life is always in a state of change. I believe it is how to be in harmonious flow with change, whilst being present in our heart, that can bring us our greatest depth of wellness, happiness and fulfillment.

To make an appointment

0468 968 195 or enlivenedheart@gmail.com

Meagan x

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